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Analog Cameras

Custom Surveillance Services

Analog cameras are a low cost solution for general surveillance. Analog cameras come in many styles to fit most needs includings indoors, outdoor, infrared and night vision.


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IR Bullet Camera
  • Excellent for extreme low light areas
  • Bullet camera are rugged and cost effective units, sealed in a cylindrical housing
  • Wall and ceiling mounts are in various colors
  • High end models allowing viewing in darkness at ranges of 200-300 feet
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Bullet Camera
  • Bullet camera is rugged and cost effective
  • Outdoor sealed units in a cylindrical housing
  • General surveillance cameras typically for use in areas with sufficient lighting
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Dome Camera
  • Unobtrusive, easily installs in ceilings or on walls
  • Hard to see direction of where the camera is pointing
  • Outdoor housing comes with heater and vandal proof housing
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Infrared Camera
  • Excellent for extreme low light areas
  • Bullet camera style available
  • High end models allowing viewing in darkness at ranges of 200-300 feet
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor with weather proof models available
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  • Can be programmed for predefined focus, some models have tracking features
  • Used to cover larger areas
  • Can be used by a live operator
  • Indoor and outdoor versions are available
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Hidden Camera
  • Cameras that can be hidden in motion detectors, clocks, sprinklers and smoke detectors
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Box Camera
  • Box cameras are feature rich and allow adjustment to meet the needs of any application
  • They may be mounted indoors from ceiling mounts or placed in enclosures for outdoor usage
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Digital Video Recorder
  • A digital video recorder takes analog signals from your camera and converts it to a digital format that can saved on a hard drive for long periods of time
  • Easy and simple to use interfaces
  • Can be standalone or PC-based for expandability
  • Can be accessed over the internet to allow viewing from another location, anywhere in the world
  • Can be setup for use in a local area network







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