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Smart Security for Business

Smart Security for Your Business

Stay on Top of Your Business

Alliance Security offers a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. Our full suite of services give you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your businesses are running smoothly — no matter where you are.

Keep Your Business Secure and Connected
  • Get professionally monitored security witha reliable, secure cellular connection
  • Manage employee access across all your locations and know your businesses are safe
  • Know your business is always secure, right from our mobile app
Connect Everything Together
  • Reduce energy bills with smart automation
  • Enhance your liability control with light schedules
  • Control locks remotely for safety and peace of mind
Know What’s Happening, Instantly
  • Get instant visual verification with Video Monitoring and Image Sensor
  • View what’s happening at your property in real-time
  • Receive awareness alerts to see if your business is opening or closing on time
Interactive Security


Video Monitoring


Energy Management


Intelligent Automation


The Smartest Technology for Your Business

With state of the art services like interactive security, video awareness and energy management solutions, gives you peace of mind knowing that your properties are protected and your businesses are running smoothly — no matter where you are.



Always On Security and Awareness

Professionally Monitored Security
Access and Control from Anywhere with Leading Mobile Apps
Multi-Location Management
Real-Time Activity Alerts and Notifications
Live and Recorded

Secure Your Home or Business with
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The Smartest Technology for Your Business

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About Alliance

Alliance Security alarm monitoring is one of the easiest and most economical ways to protect your home. Having a monitored security system installed means that whenever you arm your security system someone will be continually watching over your home. Our alarm monitoring service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you turn on your home security system then our monitoring station will be advised if your alarm system is set off for any reason. You can’t control everything in life, but if you want to curb who comes into your home, trust Alliance Security.

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