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Alliance Security only installs the top of the line equipment available so that you know your family is always safe. All packages are different because every home is different. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your security needs so that we can give your our professional opinion on how to protect your family and home in case of any type of emergency.
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For an additional access charge you can add the ability to view web based cameras remotely (additional cost for the cameras) control your thermostat (must be installed by you’re a/c contractor), unlock door locks (must be installed by a licensed locksmith) and turn off lights (must be installed by a licensed electrician) The interactive services suite requires the addition of a GSM cellular unit.


Each Alarm Home Security System Wireless package includes the following components:

alliance home securityControl Panel

It is designed to part your residence into 8 areas identifiable by the monitoring station.


Digital Keypad

It arms as well as disarms your system easily.


alliance home security
Door or Window Sensors

These are small magnetic switches designed to trigger an alarm if any intrusion in sensed through the protected door while the system is active.



Motion Detector

control panelAs the name suggests, detects movement in 50' x 50' area. In case of intrusion, 110 Decibel Siren would alert the concerned authorities.


Emergency Back-up Power Pack

It is meant to power your alarm during the power failure.


Warning Decals and Sign

It is affixed to a door or window to warn would-be intruders that the property they are eyeing on is protected by safety equipment. Our professional will help you installing one to protect your property.


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Alliance Security alarm monitoring is one of the easiest and most economical ways to protect your home. Having a monitored security system installed means that whenever you arm your security system someone will be continually watching over your home. Our alarm monitoring service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you turn on your home security system then our monitoring station will be advised if your alarm system is set off for any reason. You can’t control everything in life, but if you want to curb who comes into your home, trust Alliance Security.

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