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Alliance Security offers bespoke Digital Video Surveillance Systems to meet the distinctive requirements of your organization. Many high-risk areas like parking lots, cash areas, shipping and receiving areas and file rooms, can be monitored efficiently with the implementation of these systems. Providing a mean to watch employee performance, it will help increase productivity, ensure loss prevention and hence, save money.

Our Video Surveillance Security Systems is inclusive of state-of-the-art cameras, IP cameras and analog cameras, which can be integrated with access control systems. As a result, you can easily focus on running your business with the professionally designed and installed digital surveillance systems from Alliance Security.

The advantages of digital surveillance extend beyond your imagination as it is the answer to observing your premises and employee activities in the event of your absence.
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Digital Video Surveillance Systems
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Video Surveillance Security System

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IP CCTV solutions

Enterprise / Advanced Technologies

The latest IP CCTV solutions under this category cover all CCTV applications that require options such as:

• Network video storage with high storage requirements
• Extreme reliability
• Advanced system integration
• Video Analytics
• Seamless feature expansion capability
• Custom Design
• High Definition Video
Small Business

Small Business / Entry Level

In the entry level, we will cover affordable CCTV equipment or cameras of high resolution with at least 480 TVL (Television Lines), and night vision. Typical analog cameras will be entrusted the responsibilities, and the system will also consist of DVD quality Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

IP CCTV system installation

Business / Professional

The cameras are state of the art, and it has more options for data storage, video transmission quality, security features and mounting. alliance home security. We also offer IP CCTV system installation in this wider budget range, which proves to be a logical step for holders of premises having LAN networks in place. Bandwidth saving functionality is offered by our range of security devices allowing the use of clients existing network in most cases. In this class, another technology called Mega Pixel Camera is also available. The resolution in this case is 4 times higher than that of analog cameras, which significantly reduces the count of equipment needed resulting in cost savings. Some Simple Advice: Do not compromise on quality call us today to set up a free consultation. *The CCTV system is an affordable means of integrating high-performance security technology

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