Control Panel & Digital Keypad

ATP-1000 Touchpad

The ATP-1000 touchpad allows control of Concord® Express, Concord 3, Concord Ultra, and Concord 4 products. The large display provides easy-to-read messages that indicate the current status of the system. In addition, the ATP-1000 touchpad can be used for installer/user programming of the Concord control panels and has the added capability of displaying customized zone names. Large Easy-to-Read Display.


Simon XT® is a cost-effective security system that offers up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection, and which complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. With a built-in display touchpad and a status speaker that provides visual and voice messages for feedback, Simon XT is well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. Optional GSM reporting and features support off-premises control to arm and disarm the system, check system status, activate no-entry delay.


The next-generation Simon® XTi enhances the longstanding reliability and performance of the Simon XT with the advanced technology of the Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. This self-contained security system offers exclusive image capture technology, combined with powerful security and color LCD touch screen convenience, for a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.


• 7 inch touchscreen keypad
• Built in camera -snaps a photo when system is disarmed
• Bluetooth disarming -leave your phone in your pocket or purse
• Live view-stream camera on the HD Screen
• Live answer -see who’s at the door from the screen



Smart Home Equipment


HD Doorbell Camera

See when packages are delivered speak to visitors receive notifications when someone is at the door.
• Hd camera with night vision.
• 180 degree view
• Record motion triggered videos download or watch when convenient
-Available in nickel or bronze


Smart Door Locks

Having smart lock makes it easy for you to lock & unlock a door from your phone or give temporary access code for anyone who need access to your property receive alerts
-Available colours : Nickel, Bronze, Gold


Outdoor & Indoor Cameras's Video Monitoring solution allows you to see what’s happening at your home when you can’t be there. With an extensive camera lineup that offers live views from anywhere and secure stored clip access at any time, our video solution can meet all your video monitoring needs.

  • • Indoor and Outdoor IP Camera Options
  • • Deliver front door awareness with an WiFi Doorbell Camera
  • • Watch HD quality Live Video and saved clips via web and mobile devices
  • • Alarm and sensor-triggered video recording
  • • Capture 24/7, high-definition, continuous recording
  • • IP Video Server retrofit for any analog camera



Smart Light Bulb/Plugs & Switches

Z Wave Bulbs
• Send commands to turn lights on/off and set dimming level
• Create scenes that include turning lights on/off or setting the dim level
• Create automated light schedules to have specific lights turn on, off, or dim at certain times, including sunrise and sunset, for specified lengths of time.
• Create rules so a specific light turns on if a certain sensor is activated.

Z-Wave Plug –Ins
• ZWave plug-in modules are a great way to automate and control lamps and small appliances without having to wire in a switch.
• Create schedules to turn on/off lamps or appliances .


Smart Thermostat

• Avoid overpaying for energy
• Manage your temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity.
• Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away.
Stay in control of your energy settings even when you’re away. Get a notification if the thermostat setting is adjusted, or if the temperature in your property gets too high or too low.

Smart Garage Doors

MQ Control Panel 828lm
• Compatible with liftmaster mq enabled garage door openers manufactured after 1998 with a red or purple “learn” button. Internet gateway 828LM required.

Internet Gateway 828lm
• Liftmaster mQ-enabled garage door openers (look for the myQ logo on the opener)

Left The Garage Door Open Again
• A garage door controller functions like a remote control for garage door allows you to open and close your garage from wherever you send your notifications if your garage door left open.

Mobile Access
• Open and close your garage

• Get notified when the garage door is left open


• Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry.


Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

The TX-6010-01-1 supervised photoelectric smoke alarms are self-diagnostic Learn Mode wireless sensors with a 319.5MHz transmitter, built-in sounder, low battery annunciation, diagnostic/status LED, and integrated fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensors. Each unit will communicate an alarm and trouble condition to an ESL compatible control panel. In addition, the mounting tamper will send a trouble condition as necessary.

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Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

The 600 Series SafeAir™ Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm accurately and reliably alerts residents of potentially dangerous levels of CO in their home, and sends a CO alarm signal to any existing or legacy wireless control panel. The 600 Series CO Alarm will provide signal supervision and low battery condition to the panel. It will annunciate locally trouble conditions for sensor end-of-life, tamper and general trouble conditions.

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Sensors & Motion Detectors


Wireless Motion Sensor

• Pet Immunity Signal Processing Prevents False Alarms for Homeowners w/Pets Weighing Up to 40 Pounds
• Passive Infrared Detection
• Low Battery Reporting
• Cover Tamper Switch Detects Potential Disablement or Damage to a Sensor By an Intruder
• Wireless and Battery Powered Unit is Easy to Install
• Fully Supervised Device Sends Signal Every 64 Minutes

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Hardwired Motion Sensor

The wall mount volumetric passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors provide high value in both design and performance. These sensors are well-suited for residential and light commercial environments with a stylish housing to complement any decor and modest budgets. This series of sensors feature the latest in digital signal processing with superior catch performance that reduces electronic sensitivity - resulting in a greater level of false alarm immunity.

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Wireless Glass Break Detector

The Wireless ShatterPro series, which is ideal for applications where hardwired acoustic sensors are impractical, listens for actual patterns of breaking glass using Pattern Recognition Technology. These sensors feature a 20-ft. (6 m) range from sensor to glass. The sensor is suitable for use in quiet occupied areas on the perimeter loop.

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Contact Sensors


Wireless Door / Window Contact Sensor

Use door/window sensors to watch over anything you have that opens and closes, such as doors, windows, jewelry cases, and gun cabinets. The sensor automatically senses intrusion with a magnet and reed-switch mechanism that transmits a signal to an alarm.

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Residential Door / Window Contacts Model 1138T

• The 1138T contact is designed for window or door applications where surface mounting is preferred.
• Attractive, low-profile design
• Angled terminal blocks for easy installation
• Tape or screw mounting
• Wireless and Battery Powered Unit is Easy to Install
• Fully Supervised Device Sends Signal Every 64 Minutes

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Wireless Door Sensor

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Residential Door / Window Contacts Model 1125T

The 1125T Series “Stubby” Press Fit Magnetic Contact is a 3/8" diameter switch designed specifically for applications where space is limited. The 1125T Series’ short length makes it ideal for thin framed windows and doors where longer units cannot be used.

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Commercial Door Contacts Model 1085T

The 1085T contact is ideal for residential and commercial applications where terminal connections are preferred. The contacts feature positive clamping terminals with anti-rotation lugs and captured screws with combination heads. These allow for easy, quick installations. The positive terminals do not require washers that can corrode or increase resistance. The captured screws cannot be accidentally removed and lost, and they incorporate heads that will accept both Phillips and flat-bladed screwdrivers.

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Commercial Door Contacts Model 2200

The 2200 Series overhead door magnetic contact is for use in the rigorous environments of commercial and industrial installations.

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Micro Keyfob

The Micro Keyfob is a small, powerful touchpad that functions as an electronic key to arm and disarm systems wirelessly. Functionality also includes the ability to activate police or auxiliary panic alarms, turn lights on/off or open a garage door—all from up to 500 feet away.

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Water-resistant Medical pendant

The panic sensors are water-resistant wireless devices used for activating police, medical, or auxiliary alarms throughout the premises. When the panic button is pressed, an alarm signal is transmitted. The status of the battery is sent in every transmission. The battery is field replaceable. Panic buttons can be worn as a belt clip or as a pendant. Mounting adapters are also available.

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